Service Learning Program

The College of Geosciences offers sequential courses (GEOS 101; GEO 289; GEOS 489) to support students’ engagement and translation of classroom knowledge to real-world problems of water security. Service learning engages students in a three-part process: (1) classroom preparation through explanation and analysis of theories and ideas; (2) service activity that emerges from and informs classroom context; and (3) structured reflection tying service experience back to specific learning goals.

Currently, the first two cohorts of students in the service learning sequence have focused on water security and development issues in Costa Rica.  We will continue to develop our courses, add a higher-level research component (via GEOS 405), and support students’ work in these communities and beyond.

With our NGO partners, we are exploring the possibility of opening new opportunities in other global regions.  We also see a need to develop other service-learning projects related to water in Texas, such as the Brazos River Clean Up.  Through Water Security Initiative, we will work with other organizations to identify and connect to existing projects that also address the challenge or providing adequate, affordable, reliable and safe water for a healthy life.

For information on service learning in the Water Security Initiative, contact Judy Nunez, coordinator and mentor for the service-learning opportunities in the College of Geosciences.

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