Other Workshops

The Water Security Initiative supports interdisciplinary workshops that advance research dialogue and collaboration on water, governance, and security for human development.

  • “Initial Workshop on the Hydrogeochemistry of Groundwater Systems” at University of Guanajuato, January 13-18, 2017. Dr. Knappett co-organized and led this workshop with Dr. Li at the University of Guanajuato. Over 50 participants attended from the United States Geological Survey, the University of Coruna and the University of Catalonia, Spain, Kansas State University, Monterrey Tech. and UNAM Mexico City, Mexico.
  • “Global Household Water Insecurity”, Northwestern University, August 2017 (co-organized by WSI and Arizona State University), 9-11 August 2017,
  • Workshop for Geoforum Special Issue, “Critical Perspectives on Water Security,”  organized by Wendy Jepson (TAMU), Jessica Budds (University of East Anglia, UK), Alex Loftus (King’s College, London), and Vanessa Empinotti (UF ABS, Brazil), 20-22 September 2017.
  • “Water Security Research Symposium, co-sponsored by Texas A&M Vice President for Research Office, Memorial Student Center, Texas A&M University, 11 October 2017, details to follow shortly.
  • “Advancing Household Water Insecurity Research”, Pre-Conference Workshop, Society for Economic Anthropology Conference, Arizona State University, March 2018 (co-organized by WSI and Northwestern University)