Global Collaborations

The Water Security Initiative operates within a network of international researchers, institutions, and organizations dedicated to understanding water security using effective metrics and models of water insecurity to improve society’s long-term water challenges.

acronym-full-title.pngHousehold Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) Consortium

WSI Lead, Dr. Wendy Jepson, is a co-leader in collaboration with Dr. Sera Young (Northwestern University, Anthropology) and Dr. Amber Wutich (Arizona State University, Director, Global Health Program & Anthropology) of the Household Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) Consortium.   This global collaboration draws on ongoing, funded research (e.g., National Science FoundationLeverhulme, Global Ethnohydrology Study), to better understand the experiences of household water insecurity.

One pillar of research collaboration seeks to measure water insecurity, addressing researchers need to assess whether people have reliable access to water in sufficient quality and quantity for well being.  The HWISE Scale Project is a global collaborative activity that seeks to develop a cross-culturally validated scale that measures household-level water insecurity. Please check out more information on this project at the HWISE Scale website

Other pillars of HWISE research collaboration address the methodological challenges and conceptual frameworks that inform and influence the study of household water insecurity, development interventions.  Members of the consortium have published collectively in WIRES Water and Water Security on these topics.  We also consider the science-policy and translational importance of this work and seek further opportunities for engagement and dialogue.

HWISE Consortium has organized research workshops address the frontiers in household water and sanitation insecurity research (2016 Workshop, Future Workshops).

Recent publication from HWISE collaborations include:

Jepson, Wendy, Amber Wutich, Godfred Boeteng, Shalean Collins, and Sera Young. (2017) “Progress in Household Water Insecurity Metrics: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective in the Social Sciences” WIREs Water 4(3)

Jepson Wendy, Jessica Budds, Laura Eichelberger, Leila Harris, Emma Norman, Kathleen O’Reilly, Amber Pearson, Sameer Shah, Jamie Shinn, Chad Staddon, Justin Stoler,  “Advancing human capabilities for water security: A relational approach.” Water Security


ufcFederal University of Ceará-Fortaleza (Brazil). The collaboration represents a long-term exchange between researchers and students catalyzes research projects and education opportunities between TAMU and UFC.